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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whitefawnstar's Natural Medicine


by Rev. Caroline Dawley to contact fmi:


This series of Articles were taken from my Pathway of Peace Program Workshops in Natural Medicine. I have been studying dis-ease and well being for over 30 years as I seek a Holistic approach to Well- being, I realized the value of herbs and plants to aid us in the Ascension Process.
I have had many wonderful teachers, from Onondaga Nation Elders and Medicine People, and a journey to my Algonquin friends in NW Quebec to learn the Medicines from two Wise Grandmothers. Also, my friend in Florida, an Objibway Grandmother, Workshops in Dr. Christophers' "The incurrables". I have been making medicine for a long time now and provide a steady supply to family and friends, as well as teaching how to make tinctures and salve. I now share what was once a small "Medicine Bag" to now a full "Medicine Cabinet".
Whitefawn Star aka Rev. Caroline Dawley


This program through Pathway of Peace is dedicated to health freedom and information. To give the power back to the people through education of Alternative & Natural Healing Modalities. To help people regain their freedom of choice to heal themselves, make conscious health decisions, to freely use any Plant, food or health aid that they choose. It is my belief that the best way to create health freedom is to educate everyone in the healing powers naturally present in the human body and how to use the foods and herbs given us by our Creator and Mother Earth, IN ORDER THAT WE MAY WALK ABOUT ON THE EARTH IN THE GOOD MIND. THAT WE MAY WALK IN BALANCE ON MOTHER EARTH to aid in the Ascension. AND SO IT IS, !

From The Alchemist’s Handbook
By Rev. Mary Hardy
We are multi-dimensional beings existing in a multi-dimensional universe. We are in constant connection with our Creator/Source, though at times we forget and allow dis-ease to happen. In order for healing to occur, we must re-establish this Divine connection, in this way we combine all the dimensions, so a complete healing can take place. Vibrational scientists consider the whole person and see beyond just the physical body into the realm of the electromagnetic energy structures, or the subtle bodies. In vibrational healing, we perceive everything as energy patterns. We see wholeness. The effects in the physical body are the end result of the emotional concepts and belief structures in the subtle bodies. The emotions of thought, accidents, and
wounds, as well as our genetic inheritance, and environment, can affect the physical body. When we have identified and then released certain blocked energies, or removed disharmonious energy patterns or beliefs, we will begin to integrate our energies, raising our vibratory rate sufficiently so that we can ascend into the higher dimensions. It is in integrating our unique vibratory patterns that we will align our energies and become one with our Creator/Source/Divine Presence.

When the Vital Force is weakened through toxins or energy blockages, the body fails to nourish itself and dis-ease results. By supplying the proper herb or vibratory frequency to remove the blockages, the body will then raise or increase its Vital Force and dis-ease will not survive in a healthy environment.
UNDERSTANDING WAVE SIGNATURES: Everything in Nature has a footprint or signature. In the electromagnetic field, the signature is a sine wave. Everything has an energy or resonance pattern. The signature of lead poisoning may look like this……., the signature of formaldehyde may look like thisxxxxx. To remove the energy sine, you must take the oposite or out of phase signature=======. This will remove it from the energy field around the body. When the electromagnetic field is free of the blockage, this substance is physically removed . It is always necessary to find the CAUSE or missing factor, behind dis-ease. It may be an emotional or spiritual origin, and the poison was a vehicle in order to learn this lesson.
The Process of Alchemy—to ascend from the third dimension, the planet and all people need to make consciousness corrections. In order to ascend into the Golden Liquid Light of our Creator, you must totally surrender to your Soul with dedication, love and light. Your higher spiritual self is composed of the Golden Liquid Light of All Creation. As you allow this higher frequency to flow into your physical being, you will change the energy codes in your physical body, at this point, we become One with Creator- this process is Alchemy.
TACHYONS – The Golden Liquid Light of our higher self is composed to tachyon energy. It is this energy field that makes up the subtle bodies. Without this field we cannot communicate with our Creator. In order for healing to occur, this communication needs to be established. Our goal is to establish communication between all our energy bodies, and to see the pattern of our own energy system.
The frequency of the tachyons can be changed by using an herb or homeopathic remedy which changes the sine wave. All herbs and homeopathic remedies are forms of wave signatures.
Herbs have a designed effect on the different systems in the body. As the herb enters the stomach, its energy pattern or tachyon field, alters the process of blood by changing the energy patterns thus becoming the Medicine which feeds the tissue of a malfunctioning gland, instead of blocking it. Naturopathic doctors believe that ninety percent of all disease and malfunctions of the body stem from congestion caused by mucus, waste and fecal matter in the bowel. Many of the diseases like asthma, bronchitis, heart problems, colic etc, are due to malnutrition caused by mucus build up. Herbs bring out a desired effect by FEEDING the body and raising the vibrational frequency. Energy medicine is the true cure for disease, because it eliminates the blocks that were created by the chemical poisoning and vaccinations, while respecting the body in its totality.

Whitefawn Star

Sacred Plant Medicine offers us way of healing the greater body of the Earth by focusing our attention where the support for human life began – with the Plant People. Not only the trees, but all the Plant people have much to teach us. They are our forebears on the Earth who not only support us through their cycles of oxygenation and water, but also have integrated the emotional issues that we two leggeds struggle with. By partaking of their vibratory intelligence through ingestion as well as through communion, we can become whole. It is in the emotional healing of our relationship issues that the world will become whole.

Bringing back the Medicines. The Creek Indians: “Each Tree, shrub, and herb, down to the grasses and mosses, agreed to furnish a remedy for some one of the diseases named and each said, ‘I shall appear to help man when he calls upon me in his need.”

Entering the Sacred: within each human being is the capacity to communicate with all life, to understand the archetype that lives within. The plants will share many of their healing properties, physical and spiritual, to one who listens and seeks wisdom.

Taking responsibility for self healing is to choose advancement into higher consciousness. Life is enhanced by learning how to control your electromagnetic field. We accomplish this by releasing hisharmonious vibrations and drawing in Life-Giving Balanced Energies.
When we are out of alignment – with ourself, our Creator, our environment; the Vital Force is weakened through toxins or energy blockages, the body fails to nourish itself and dis-ease results. By supplying the proper herb or vibratory pattern to remove the blockages, the body will then raise or increase its Vital Force and dis-ease will not survive in a healthy environment.

Everything in Nature has a footprint, or wave signature, or Spirit consciousness. In the electromagnetic field, the signature is a sine wave. Everything has an energy or resonance pattern. To remove the energy sine of a toxin, or an illness you take the signature pattern in the herb or plant that removes it from the energy field around the body. The frequency of your energy field can be changed by taking an herb. All herbs have an effect on the different systems in the body. As the herb enters the stomach, its energy pattern alters the process of blood becoming the Medicine that cures.

This Workshop is dedicated to giving the power back to the people through education of Alternative and Natural Healing Medicines.


Natural Remedies from an Ojibwa Grandmother whose grandfather practiced the Grand Medicine, Canada. My friend in Florida:

For Bronchitis, infection, inflammation; Take 2-3 cloves of raw garlic and slice or chop.
Place on bread with olive oil to cut the heat. Take every 2 or 3 hours. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and will immediately begin the cure. Consistancy is important, take every hour, every 2 hours, or every three hours, but be consistent..

For Sinus infection or inflammation: place pure honey in the nose with a q tip and tip your head back. Honey is a pure antibiotic and will immediately heal and restore all nasal passages to normal.

For eye infection: place a drop of honey in the eye and it will be well by morning.

For ear infection: yeast forms and carries bacteria. Take honey, pure olive oil and garlic oil all mixed together. Place a small amount in the ears and allow to drain down the eustachian tube. The olive oil will take care of the yeast and the honey and garlic, both natural antibiotics, will cure the ear infection. This will make its way down into the throat and cure a sore throat also.

Bad teeth: Bacteria grows around decayed teeth and travels down into the chest, esophogus and heart. To clean teeth and get rid of yeast which the bacteria uses to travel in, use gentian violet daily. Can be purchased at the drug store and is an old remedy that works. If the tongue is coated with white, this means the presence of yeast in the mouth. Use gentian violet on the tongue to get rid of the yeast. This is very "purple" so be aware if you are planning to go to work! (my experience)

For the colds, flu, virus: echinacea tincture placed under the tongue, "everytime you go past the bottle" . Use often at the start to prevent colds, sore throat, ear infection. Use 3 to 4 times per day for 5-6 days consecutively. But no more than 10 days. Also, I like super echinachea, that i make w/ garlic, and goldenseal.

ESSIAC- a known cure for cancer. You may purchase this at many natural health food stores. Essiac was discovered by the Objibwa People. You may buy the herbs and make your own tea, or buy a bottle and take w/ hot water for tea.

From Dr. Schulze’s Natural Medicine & Treatment for the incurrables:

Treatment for cancer: herbs to increase blood and oxygen to the brain: ginko baloba, rosemary, and cayenne. Elevate the feet-lower the head of the bed.
Herbs indicated: pokeweed root, chaparral – strong anti oxidant to destroy tumor.
Red clover – anti cancer – thins the blood so blood can circulate to the tumor.
Lobelia – thinking herb. Anti spasmodic. Helps blood circulation, blood flow, lympathic flow. Prana – vital energy flow to diseased area.

Breast Cancer: Garlic- anti tumor herb. For tumors, sulfuric acid poultice to burn off tumor.
Hot and cold alternating shower or bath, swimming, deep breathing, keep lymphatic flow moving.
Blend in the blender: slippery elm-poultice paste
Apple cider vinegar & water !/2 to ½
Pokeweed-burns the skin. Smother this paste around the tumor. Put cayenne pepper on an open would-rapid healing agent. Put poultice on all night, then during the day put on another. This is an aggressive program that will remove the tumor. It will come off. Aloe vera, slippery elm-poultices for healing the wound. Thousands of people have cured themselves all over the world.

Garlic, cayenne, ginger, alfalfa, exercise to clean the coronary arteries.
Hawthorne and cayenne heal the heart. Put cayenne under the tongue during heart attack and it will stop a heart attack faster than nitro. It will save a life. Herbs also indicated for congestive heart and rapid heart beat.

High Colestoral – Stimulate the liver to get fat out of the blood.

Nervous System Degeneration, nerve disease; Parkinson, MS, etc. Stress is the major cause. Eats up the immune system.
Herbs indicated for nerve stimulant: skullcap, oats. Nutrition: B-vit. Complex, whole grains,

Lew Garrets Disease: neurological disease- many people who don’t love themselves. Nervous breakdown. Eating Self – self destructive disease. Love yourself.
Herbs indicated: Skullcap, lobelia, put on face, learn how to relax.

For Lungs: Lobelia dilates bronchials. 1 dropperful 5x per day.
Expectorant herbs: wild cherry (a disinfectant). All tree barks (cherry) are natural anti bacterial expectorants. Comfrey, mullen, garlic and onions for lungs. Will kill cancer and kill infection.
Cough out tumors. Exercise to get lungs to expand and bring oxygen into the blood.

Liver cancer- milk thistle seed extract, take daily. Make tea and drink it. Binds, coats liver cells to protect them.
Liver cleanse: bitters, barberry, oregon grape, dandelion root and leaf. Cleans out liver. Chickory-put in salads.
Formulae for Liver Flush. Start easy.
1 T olive oil, 1 clove garlic, 8 oz citrus juice (orange, lime & lemon).
8 oz distilled water & 1 small ginger. Gradually increase to 2T garlic, 4-5T olive oil, more ginger root. Chaparral cleans liver, breaks up cancer tumors. 4C/day in tea. 4 heaping T/quart of water

Pancreatic Cancer: Stop all sweet food. All sugar. Endeocrine organ for women use Don Qui or angelica to balance hormones. Men use siberian Ginseng.

AIDS: Echinacea stimulates antibodies, use root tea and extract, thin blood white & red cells. There is some controversy in using echinacea for aids, more research is needed.
Red clover cure for cancer and aids.
Anti-viral- St. John’s Wort use tea or oil.
For nutrition: natural healing blood transfusion –JUICES! Get the juicer going.
Lemon balm – potent anti- viral herb, use plentifully.
Fungus Infections – tea tree oil, garble, etc, rub on skin for ring worm.
Lupus: Skin chickweed or oatmeal bath with peppermint oil.
Immune system disease. Herbs help to boost the immune system.

DR. SCHULTZ’S SUPERFOOD RECIPE; Wonderful on Salad!!!!!
1 c. white onion, 1 c. horseradish root, 1 c ginger root, 1 c. garlic cloves, 1 c organic olive oil, 1 c organic apple cider vinegar. 5 Habanero or cayenne pepper.
Cut up roots and place in a blender. Add vinegar and olive oil. Blend.
May be used in juice or smoothie, or as a delicious, nutritious salad dressing!
Contains 2 to 5 times the vits. Needed for an entire day.

Natural Medicine Supply Catalog: Herbal Healer Academy Inc. Alternative, Natural Medicine and Education. Call for a free catalog:870-269-4177 or e-mail The Herbal Healer Academy offers a Naturopathic correspondence program and/or an Herbology Certificate Course. Check it out. This is also a great reference for alternative medicine and supply catalog for bulk herbs, etc.
Caroline Dawley
Colloidal Silver – the higher the parts per million (ppm) the better i.e. 500 ppm. Indicated for any and all infections. Can take 1 tsp./day or use by dropper or spray for Sinus, sore throat, and nasal infection.
Great all natural antibiotic. Can treat internal and external bacterial infections. A must in your medicine chest.

Grapeseed Extract –(Agricept) - concentrate – External, internal Anti-microbial. This works very fast! Great for treating food poisoning. Put a few drops in ½ glass of water and drink. Then repeat dosage every few hours. You will purge and be rid of the poison.
Also, place 1-2 drops in water to purify, and this is great if you are leaving the country and drinking questionable water. Also, place a drop in water where ever the water is questionable. May be diluted and put on wounds. Very antibiotic.

Rescue Remedy – Calming Essence. – For emergency use for upset or shock. Adults, children and pets. Put 7 drops under the tongue and repeat again in 20 minutes.

Cayenne PepperPowder - Will stop a heart attach faster than Nitro. Place a small amount under the tongue. Also indicated for bleeding, both internal and external wounds. If you cut yourself and are bleeding place on the wound and will stop the bleeding.

Astralagus – Immune system builder.
Osha Root – Immune system builder.

Echinacea tincture – To use at the onset of a cold. Use as often as possible. Place drops under the tongue. Do not take for more than 10 days at a time.
Also, Echinacea-Goldenseal tincture. May use as a mouth wash for sore throat.

Vitamin E oil for the skin. Especially for burns.

Plantain leaf salve – Use on all skin irritations. May use on burns, rash, exyma, mosquito bites, sores, diaper rash, chap lips and to beautify the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar – to balance ph system. For arthritis – place 1 T. in ½ cup of water with honey and drink twice a day. Apple cider vinegar is recommended as a must in your medicine cabinet. To prevent infection, plague, colds, etc.

Vinegar of the Four Thieves recipe: 2 qts apple cider vinegar, 2 Tbs. Lavender,
2 Tbs. Rosemary, 2 Tbs. Sage, 2 Tbs, wormwood, 2 Tbs. Rue, 2 Tbs mint, 2 Tbs. Garlic buds. Combine the dried herbs, except the garlic, and steep in the vinegar in the sun for two weeks. Strain and rebottle. Add several cloves of garlic. Close lid. When garlic has steeped for several days, strain out. Melt parafin wax around the lid to preserve, or add 4 oz. of glycerine for preservation.
Dosage: a teaspoon at a time in water, and no more than 1 Tbs. An hour. Strong general preventative medicine.

Baking Soda in water – Place 1 T. Baking Soda in ½ c. water and drink at onset of a cold, flu or infection. Will act quickly to balance the ph system.

Asthma relief: garlic syrup. Recipe: ½ lb. Peeled garlic buds, equal amts. Of vinegar and distilled water to cover the buds. ½ pt. glycerine, 1 ½ lbs honey. Put peeled garlic equal amts vinegar in a jar, close lid tightly and shake well. Let stand in a cool place for 4-5 days, shaking twice daily. Add glycerine, shake the jar and let stand one more day. Strain and blend in the honey. Store in a cupboard or cool place. Dosage: 1 tsp with or without water every 15 minutes until the spasm is controlled. Afterward, give or take1 tsp every two or three hrs. for the rest of the day.

Modern Anti-Epidemic Vinegar: 1 qt apple cider vinegar, 1 lb garlic buds for 8 oz juice, 8 oz comfrey root, 4 oz oak bark, 4 marshmallow root, 4 oz mullein flowers, 4 oz rosemary flowers, 4 oz lavender flowers, 4 oz wormwood, 4 oz black walnut leaves, 12 oz glycerine. Make separate teas of each of the herbs. First soak each oz of herb in clean spring water. After ½ a day, simmer each herb separately for 10 minutes. Steep in vinegar for ½ hour. Strain out, simmer again, and reduce each herb so that it is concentrated. Press garlic buds into 8 oz of concentrated juice. Add 12 oz of glycerine to preserve. Place in large bottle and close lid. Add parafin for preservation power. Dose: 1-3 tsp during epidemics, or 1 tsp per hour if someone is ill with a communicable disease. Dilute w/water if too streong or add to hot herbal tea.

Garlic: For heart disease, prevents heart attacks and strokes by controlling high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high blood pressure. Also indicated for preventing blood clots, fights infection and may be stronger than penicillin, potent virus killer – indicated for herpes simplex 2 responsible for genital herpes; human rhinovirus (common colds); Parainfluenza 3 (common flu), protection against cancer; Diabetes – garlic reduces levels of blood fat, blood sugar, and increases the level of insulin the the blood. As an antioxident, a chemical that neutralizes free radicals which accelerate the aging process by stimulating ox

Olive Oil: take instead of butter. Good for internal and external. Feeds our cells, prevents virus, aids in detox. Put on bread instead of butter.

Honey is a must to have on hand. It's uses are innumerable. For colds, wounds, sinus. A natural antibiotic this will heal wounds quickly.

*Reference for herbal medicines: Specializes in decoctions; teas, women’s natural remedies, and has a correspondence/apprenticeship course.
This series of Articles were taken from my Pathway of Peace Program Workshops in Natural Medicine.
I have had many wonderful teachers, from Onondaga Nation Elders and Medicine People, and a journey to my Algonquin friends in NW Quebec to learn the Medicines from two Wise Grandmothers.

When we place our feet on the Pathway of "Learning Truth"....and we follow that Path with dedication, many doors open and new Pathways of Healing are found. I wish you a good journey as we take back our Freedom to Heal Ourselves with any plant or food that we choose. This article is dedicated to Health Freedom in alignment with the many wonderful Natural Healers whom I am honored to learn from.

Today may you be Blessed with Health, Happiness and New Pathways of Learning Truth.....Whitefawn Star


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