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Saturday, May 8, 2010



Greetings Women of Tampa Bay, May is a powerful month
For us to join together with women of the Globe. It is Ascension of Mary month and
Is a critical point in time for us to assist with the Purification
Of Mother Earth, Blessing the Waters of the World, and to create a
Chalice gathering the energies for enlightenment and ascension during the
WESAK Festival of Lights
Please pass it on or invite a friend to come and join us…

Reply to: or call 727-738-0223 fmi


for a short gathering
I will be working in the cafĂ©’ so come in and enjoy a smoothie or chai

May 9, Mother's Day in many countries, 1 pm.
Stand together to "save the world", after Sharon Mehdi's famous children's story. Read the inspiring story and register your standing on the site; post your pictures there, too; that we may know ourselves as part of a growing global movement of women committed to a better world for the children. Read the full invitation here.
May 9, with your Standing Women moment, or whenever you can. Read together a powerful declaration for the dignity of womankind and against sex trafficking, that begins "We the Women of the World". Endorse it HERE;

May 18, World Prayer for Water Day.
From the energy of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, from the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites, comes the invitation to pray together for the world's water. Join the ceremony in your local area and be listed on their site. "Start talking to the water, as I believe our Mother Earth is angry at us. We aren't grateful to the water, and she's calling it back. When you drink the water, bless it," writes Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim, Chairperson of the Thirteen International Indigenous Grandmothers.
***WE WILL BE GATHERING ON THE INDIAN MOUND AT PHILIPPE PARK IN SAFETY HARBOR AT 10:30 AM Please rsvp if you are coming.. Bring flower petals if you can
There is a message that is being heard around the world. It is saying: "Women wake up... you can lead... hold hands and work together... unite forcefully." It is demanding: "Stand on every corner of your world and say "No!" to all voices of hate, all voices of blame, all voices of shame and belittlement..." and say, "This is my world, my life, my family."
Feminine leadership that honors justice and equality will lead the world to peace. We are the ones to pluck away, to remove the choking forms of usury, deceit, greed and abuse. The message is beyond our personal creation. It encompasses the global family and will not be silenced. ...Read more.
----From Sharon Riegie Maynard, SisterSpace, Weaving the World and Culture.