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Sunday, February 16, 2014


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The Top 15 Essential Oils to Relieve Pain and How to Use Them 

Physical pain can result due to several reasons, such as sports injuries, that can cause muscle aches, spasms and inflammation, or arthritis and rheumatism that can cause joint pain, or even bad posture that can cause backache. Pain can also come as a headache or migraine and even PMS can cause abdominal pain. Also people with fibromyalgia experience pain in ways no one else can really understand. As you can see, acute or chronic pain can make our everyday life very difficult, uncomfortable or even debilitating.
There are many essential oils for pain relief, and people who use them seem to heal more quickly than others. Some essential oils have analgesic properties, which means that they have shown to relieve or reduce pain, as well as anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties.This article will cover the most common essential oils to relieve pain. This list is not conclusive as there are many more essential oils that can help relieve pain, but I’ve concentrated in the more familiar ones. At the end of the article I will explain you how to use there essential oils to relieve pain.
Important note - some essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women or people with certain medical conditions. Check with your doctor before using them.
1. Chamomile - is well known for its effective anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to relieve muscle pain and spasms, low back pain, headaches and pain caused by PMS.
2. Sweet marjoram – has sedative properties. Helps to relieve muscle pain and spasms, stiffness, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and migraine.
3. Lavender – this is probably the most famous essential oil for pain relief and relaxation. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and sedative properties and it helps to relieve muscle tension and spasms, joint pain and headache.
4. Eucalyptus – has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Good for muscle pain and nerve pain. Use in small quantities.
5. Peppermint – good for muscle and joint pain, headache and nerve pain.
6. Rosemary – has analgesic and antispasmodic properties. Good for relieving back pain, muscle and joint pain and headaches.
7. Thyme – antispasmodic, good for joint and muscle pain as well as backache.
8. Clary sage – has calming and soothing properties, as well as anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to ease muscle tension, spasms and PMS pain. Use in small quantities.
9. Sandalwood – relieves muscle spasms. One of sandalwood’s most important uses is to sedate the nervous system, so it helps to reduce nerve pain.
10. Juniper – has antispasmodic properties. Relieves nerve pain, joint and muscle aches and spasms. See also my article how to male juniper berry ointment for joint, muscle and arthritis pain relief.
11. Ginger – can ease back pain and improves mobility. Can be used to treat arthritic and rheumatic pain, muscle pain and sprains.
12. Frankincense – has anti-inflammatory properties and also acts as a mild sedative. It’s also used to alleviate stress and relieve pain.
13. Yarrow – a powerful restorative and analgesic pain reliever with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Good for muscle and joint aches and pains.
14. Wintergreen – this is not a well known essential oil, but it’s very effective to treat painful conditions including headache, nerve pain, arthritis and menstrual cramps. This essential oil is created by steam distilling the leaves, and it contains a very high percentage of methyl salicylate. This oil has pain-relieving properties similar to aspirin (salicylate is the principal component of aspirin).
15. Vetiver – not very known in the west, vetiver has been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine. Vetiver essential oil is extracted from the roots of a grass known as Vetiveria zizanoides which belongs to the same botanical family as lemongrass and citronella. It brings relief to general aches and pains, especially for rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pain and headache.

How to use the essential oils to relieve pain?

While you can use any of these oils on their own, it is also beneficial to blend up to three oils together. Don’t apply essential oils directly on the skin, but dilute it first with a carrier oil such as olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, etc.
For headache – blend 4-6 drops of essential oil with one tablespoon of a carrier oil and apply a small amount of the mixture to the temples and massage gently. Be sure to stay away from the eyes.  Headache can also be relieved by smelling the oil: sprinkle a few drops of the oil onto a cloth or tissue, or use an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer.
Bath soak – good to soothe tired, aching muscles, relieve arthritis and rheumatism. Put a few drops of essential oil in a hot bath (you can also add 2-3 cups of Epsom salt to enhance the effect). It’s a good idea to mix the essential oil drops in a small amount of carrier oil first and then add to the bath.
Massage oil – use about 10 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage this oil blend into any body part where your muscles are sore.
Hot or cold compress – According to webmd website there is some evidence that heat can help decrease low back pain. Although there is little proof that cold will help, some people do find that heat or cold help them: apply heat, such as hot pack, for 15-20 minutes at a time. Ice and cold packs can relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation from injuries and other conditions such as arthritis. You may also want to try switching between heat and cold. Use heat for 15-20 minutes, then a few hours later use ice for 10 to 15 minutes.
To make hot compress take about a pint of hot water, as warm as you can comfortably tolerate, and add about 4 drops of your selected essential oil to it. Then place a small towel on top of the water and let it soak it up. Next squeeze the excess water and place it over the painful area. A cold compress is made exactly the same as the hot compress, but ice or refrigerated water is used instead of the hot water, and the compress is replaced when it has heated up to body temperature.
If you are interested to learn more about essential oils you can find useful information in my e-book Magical Aromatherapy. This book will help you to discover the power of essential oils and the most effective ways to use them:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014




Individual or Group
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Join Rev. Caroline Dawley as we journey through time.
Do you have a special relationship with someone who may have been in one or all of your past lives? Learn about Soulmates and significant people in your life and  what this relationship is teaching you...

You will be led on a guided meditation as we journey through time
where you will meet your guide and view 2 or 3 past lives focusing on a past life revealing relationships and soulmates. People in your life now may have been in one or all of your past lives..
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Sunday, February 2, 2014





Incuding Reiki , White Light Healing, and tuning forks

Since the earliest times, the laying on of hands (vibrational healing) has been used to help restore individuals to a state of health and harmony - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
In its purest form, a healing by means of energy medicine, Reiki and energy work is simply the practitioner placing their hands on the recipient with the intention of restoring health and harmony to all areas of their lives.
This profound yet gentle form of healing can assist anyone who comes for help. In addition to accelerating healing on physical levels, a healing by means of energy medicine or energy work can be used to strengthen our positive qualities and characteristics, and for healing and overcoming the emotional, psychological, and spiritual patterns of our past.
Energy Medicine works to align your body, mind, heart and spirit and bring them into harmony with your highest good.
Instead of working with medications and drugs, energy or vibrational practitioners treat people by using pure energy. Rev. Caroline utilizes specialized forms of energy to positively affect the energetic systems that may be out of balance. This energy acts as a type of wave-guide to redirect or realign the subtle energies that may be affected.
During an energy  healing session, Rev.Caroline employs a number of different energy work and vibrational healing modalities  such as Reiki, Psychic Surgery, Aura/Chakra Clearing, Sound healing, past life regression and White Light Healing.. to assist you in the healing process. Fmi or to schedule an appt. contact Rev. Caroline at:

·        The Tuning Forks correspond to the Bells used by the Lamas in the Monasteries of Tibet for the healing purpose. 

·        Chakra energy balancing aligns the body’s energy centers to their optimum vibrational rates. 

·        We use Tuning Forks for the Seven Whole Notes that correspond with the seven major chakras and energy circuits in and around the body, plus hand positions for energy channeling to strengthen the aura.

·        Tuning forks help the person achieve the inner peace necessary to unify the chakras and fragments of their life by uniting the individual with the Light and Sound of God.

·        This technique transmutes consciousness through the clearing of the blockages and restores vibratory harmony throughout the 4 energy bodies.