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Sunday, July 22, 2012


In memory of our deer friend, the late Leon Shenandoah, Tadodaho'. Today, July 22, 2012 marks 16 years since his passing on July 1996.   Oh, how we miss him, his gentle voice of wisdom and his strong constitution to uphold the ideals of Peace and the Great Law of Peace.

In his memory:

Native American Wisdom


    New World Symbol of Freedom

    The White Pine is a native American symbol of powerful and timely
    ideas of human relations and social order. It is
    The Tree of Peace:
    ancient image of the Haudenosaunee,
    or Six Nations Confederacy, or Iroquois League
    -- the oldest surviving government in North America.

1996 Leon Shenandoah
Tadodaho, Onondaga Nation
Indigenous Wisdomkeeper
Leon Shenandoah, chief of Onondaga Nation, and Tadodaho ("Firekeeper") of the Six Nations Confederacy [or "Iroquois"], whose symbol is The Tree of Peace, passed over into spirit Monday July 22, 19 96, at 7:20 a.m. EST, at age 81. In his peoples' culture, Leon was both president and pope, but more the latter.
This gentle, soft spoken, humble holy man was principal chief of a surviving sovereign nation of indigenous people. And spiritual elder of one of the western hemisphere's oldest cultures. And Fi rekeeper of the Grand Council of the eldest democracy in North America, founded in ancient times by the Peacemaker -- a virgin-born messenger from the Creator.
Leon served his people as Tadodaho for nearly 30 years, remaining true to the spiritual nature of his office. The first Tadodaho was raised up by the Peacemaker many centuries ago.
Thursday, July 4th, 1996, Onondaga Nation and the Six Nations celebrated the historic return of 74 wampum belts from the American Indian Museum in NYC. Leon had stepped down from his office last fall due to illness, but donned his feather hat and assumed his office for the return of these precious belts. This was his last official act.
A few years ago Leon was interviewed by New Age magazine. Asked, "What is the greatest power?" Leon was silent a few moments, then replied slowly, "The greatest power is the Creator. But if you want to know the greatest strength, that is gentleness."
Leon was the embodiment of that principle of gentleness.
Throughout his years of service, whether before councils of his government or the United Nations, Leon was a steady, soft spoken, eloquent advocate for peace -- not only between humans and nations , but also with Nature. He will be missed.
I talked with Leon several times in the last decade, and he was acutely concerned that we are entering the time spoken of by prophecies -- his own and those of many others faiths, creeds and cultu res. He had no doubt that in this decade our world order will change, and "the last shall become first." David Yarrow

Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations
Delivered October 25, 1985

by Leon Shenandoah, Tadodaho, Haudenosaunee

Brothers, listen to the words of the Creator given to the first United Nations -- the Haudenosaunee -- over 1000 years ago.
"The Chiefs of the Haudenosaunee shall be mentors of the people for all time. The thickness of their skins shall be seven spans; which is to say that they shall be proof against anger, offensive action and, criticism. Their hearts shall be full of peace and good will, and their minds full of a yearning for the welfare of the people. With endless patience, they shall carry out their duty. Their firmness shall be tempered with a tenderness for their people. Neither anger nor fury shall find lodging in their minds, and all their words and actions shall be marked by calm deliberation."
In every nation there are wise and good men. These should be appointed Chiefs. They should be the advisors of their people and work for the good of all the people., and their power comes from the "Great Peace." A chief must never forget the Creator of mankind, never forget to ask him for help. The Creator will guide our thoughts and strengthen us as we work to be faithful to our sacred trust and restore harmony among all peoples, all living creatures, and Mother Earth...
We were instructed to carry a love for one another and to show a great respect for all the beings of this earth...
In our ways spiritual consciousness is the highest form of politics...
When people cease to respect and express gratitude for these many things, then all life will be destroyed, and human life on this planet will come to an end.
These are our times and responsibilities. Every human being has a sacred duty to protect the welfare of our Mother Earth, from whom all life comes. In order to do this we must recognize the enemy -- the one within us. we must begin with ourselves.
We must live in harmony with the Natural World and recognize that excessive exploitation can only lead to our own destruction. We cannot trade the welfare of our future generations for profit now. We must abide by the Natural Law or be victim of its ultimate reality.
We must stand together, the four sacred colors of man, as the one family we are in the interest of peace.
We must abolish nuclear and conventional weapons of war.
When warriors are leaders, then you will have war. We must raise leaders of peace.
We must unite the religions of the world as the spiritual force strong enough to prevail in peace.
It is no longer good enough to cry, "Peace." We must act peace, live peace, and march in peace in alliance with the people of the world.
We are the spiritual energy that is thousands time stronger than nuclear energy. Our energy in the combined will of all people with the spirit of the Natural World, to be of one body, one heart and one mind for peace.
We propose, as a resolution for peace, that October 24th bee designated as a Day of Peace, and a world cease-fire take place in honor of our children and the Seventh Generation to come.
Day nay toh.
May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths
work together to create peace among all people on earth.
Walking in Peace,
Caroline Dawley
Rev. Caroline Dawley,  Publisher, New Earth Rising - Global Messenger

Reiki Master, teacher, practitioner.  Past Life Reg., Soul Retrieval.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Homemade Remedies for the Relief of Insect Stings and Bites

Insect stings and bites of all different kinds have the potential to be extremely painful, itchy, and uncomfortable.
These days it can be hard to find something we can feel confident in to put on our skin — something that is effective and relieves the discomfort. But the good news is…there are common items you may have lying around your home, in your kitchen cabinets, or even steps away in the backyard that can help!
Let’s take a look at a few common, homemade remedies that any of us can grab the next time we experience an insect sting or bite.
Natural Treatment for Stings and Bites
1. A slice of onion. Cut a slice of onion and put it directly on to the affected area. Onions contain a powerful healing enzyme that can relieve the discomfort and promote healing.
2. Make a compress. After removing the stinger and washing the skin precede to soak a piece of cotton in lemon juice, witch hazel, or apple cider vinegar and apply it directly to the affected area. Repeat as often as needed. These items will help to reduce the toxicity of the venom and relieve the pain.
3. Aloe Vera. Aloe vera gel can also be a great help. If you have a plant growing at home, simply cut it open and rub it on the affected area as often as needed. Don’t have it fresh? I like this aloe vera gel product.
4. Epsom salt bath. If there are multiple stings or bites, an Epsom salt bath can provide a wonderful bit of relief. Find salts here…
5. Raw Honey. Dab on a thin layer of raw honey and reap the benefits of it’s healing power.
6. Make a paste. This remedy is great for humans and pet alike! Make a paste with baking soda and a few drops of water. Put the paste on the area and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes before washing off. The baking soda helps to neutralize the venom from the sting/bite.
7. Aspirin. Add a few drops of water or rubbing alcohol to a crushed Aspirin and apply the paste to the affected area.
8. Banana peels. The inside skins of bananas – when rubbed on itchy bug bites — can provide immediate relief! You’ll need to peel the banana, cut off a bit of the skin, rub the inside of it on the affected area, let it dry (do not rinse), repeat as often as needed.
9. Essential oils. A couple drops of lavender essential oils are sure to reduce pain and inflammation when applied directly to a sting or bite. Tea tree oil is also very soothing. Find your essential oils here…
10. Herbs. Try your hand at making an herbal salve (Click here for my homemade itch relief stick recipe), poultice, or compress using any of the following herbs for amazing results:
  • Plantain – My favorite way to use plantain is to tear off a fresh leaf, chew it slightly, and then apply the spit poutice to the affected area.
  • Comfrey
  • Calendula
  • Chickweed
  • Lemon balm 
  • If they aren’t growing in your backyard…Find these organic dried herbs here…
And lastly you can always apply an ice pack. Doing so will help to constrict the blood vessels, thereby decreasing the blood flow which should help to prevent any venom from spreading – not to mention, itching is relieved by the numbing of the skin.
What homemade remedies do you use to treat insect stings or bites?
And as always…if you really enjoyed this post I would be so honored if you’d click this link and subscribe to the blog! To those of you who have been committed readers, thank you.
Treatment for Brown Recluse Spider Bites.  By Whitefawn Star
I have had 3 brown recluse spider bites.  The first occurred and I didn't know what it was.  After two weeks a dime shaped bite refused to heal and had a nucleus where the skin was being eaten by the poison, slowly turning black in the center.
I tried honey, creams, aloe, peroxide.  Finally, my inner guidance told me to slice a fresh garlic glove and put the eye of the slice directly over the wound and leave on with a bandaid.  After two days, the black was gone and a huge crater was left.  It took one month at least to heal and left a scar.   I have been bitten twice since and have healed them more rapidly within two weeks by putting the garlic on right away and drawing out the poison that seems to eat the flesh.
I hope you find this treatment helpful.
Whitefawn Star

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