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Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry For Sale

Caroline's genuine  Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry for sale
.Private collection.  Price is suggested, but please feel free to make an offer.  Shipping is extra.

Turquoise and Hematite Ceremonial Necklace. used  sugg. $50.00  001   SOLD
Turquoise raises your spiritual awareness to help you attune energy to the earth and her kingdoms.
Strengthens your awareness of the interconnectedness of all life and is known as a healing and protecting stone. Hemitite helps you ground to the earth.

Turquoise color beaded necklace. used  sugg. $10.00   002
"I am one with the Earth and I honor all life with love and respect."

Goldstone and tiger eye with amber and clear spacers.  Herkimer diamond pendant. New  sugg. $30.00  003
Goldstone helps amplify the life-force energy of stones it is combined with.  Herkimer diamond encourages honesty with yourself and others.  Amber helps build physical vitality through lightness of spirit.

Amber and agate choker and stretch bracelet. New  Sugg. $25.00   004
Amber has uplifting energies that teach you to walk lightly, to see life with humor and to find joy in each step of the way.  Helps create balance between daily living and higher spiritual awareness.

Large turquoise center piece.  Carnelian beads and bone. Made in Africa. Used ..$35.00  005
Turquoise assists in connecting with the Earth and everything in it.  Orange carnelian assists one to be more optimistic; helping one to find something positive in every aspect of life.

Navajo Sterling Silver Eagle with Turquoise Necklace. used $45.00   006
Eagle totem assists with working with Eagle medicine to help you connect with Spirit, to see clearly from a higher perspective.  Silver assists the growing process, emotionally and spiritually Turquoise helps become one with the Earth..

Genuine Navajo Sterling Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace. 1940's  $1300.00  007
Ceremonial, ornamental.

Sterling Silver Conch with Turquoise center stone.  Navajo $500.00   008
Beautiful can be worn in the hair or as a hanging necklace. Straight bar on back. About 2"


 Sterling Silver and Gemstone pendents

Sterling Silver and Carnelian glass with wire wrap and tiger eye stone.  New $20.00   009   chain not incl.
Sterling Silver helps you give and receive unconditional love.  Carnelian helps develop self worth,  and find the positive opportunities in each day. Silver feather assists in connecting with  higher mind of Creator.

Sterling Silver Amethyst pendant.  used  $40.00   0010  ( necklace not incl.)   SOLD
Amethyst has purifying energies that help clear and transform energy. It has a calming effect.  Wearing Amethyst helps you prepare for spiritual work.

Sterling Silver Amber Pendant.      $40.00  Used    0011
Amber assists physical vitality through lightness of spirit.  Helps elevate thoughts and laughter freeing energy. Ornate silver leaf design.

Amethyst Citrine Crystal with Sterling Silver and Citrine Stone. $20.00  0012
Can be worn as a pendant and used as a pendulum.  Citrine is helpful for mental clarity and communicating ideas to others.  Helps one to see and think clearly.  Amethyst/citrine crystal helps you connect with your spiritual essence and to raise your consciousness.

St. John the Divine Clear Crystal with Sterling Silver and Ruby Gemstone.   $40.00  0013
Clear Crystal has a balanced structure that contributes to clarity and developing intuitive skills. When light passes through, you can see the colors of the rainbow. This piece is a Blessing to whoever wears it.  Ruby stone helps you evolve spiritually.  When you are in your Divine Essence, you are able to give and receive unconditional love.

Sterling Silver Goddess holding Moonstone.    $30.00   0014
The Moonstone gives off a beautiful blue-white glimmer when held up to reflected light.
Moonstone helps you accept what you are feeling and to release emotional tension.  It has a calm flowing peace that helps restore emotional balance.

 Sterling Silver Goddess holding  Moonstone.   $ 30.00    0015        SOLD
The moonstone is clear and beautiful reflecting blue-white light.  The moonstone assists in balancing
the emotions and increasing well being.


1- Sterling Silver Blue Saphire Polished Stone size 8.   used       $ 30.00     0016
Blue Saphire is physically calming, on emotional and mental levels gives qualities of idealism, devotion, and understanding as you express your purpose in life.

2-Sterling Silver Amethyst Stones with small Diamonds  size 8   $20.00    0017
Amethyst Stone spiritually helps you transcend and transform your experiences to a higher level.
Helps stimulate truth, devotion and responsibility.

1-Sterling Silver Genuine Turquoise Ring wth ornate setting. size 8  used   $45.00    0018
Turquoise assists the wearer in being centered and balanced; emotionally. spiritually and menally.

Sterling Silver with Blue Topaz Stone.  size 8  used          $35.00                  0019
Blue Topaz helps you calmly accept new ideas and expanding spiritual understanding.

Sterling Silver with Blue Lapis Stone  size 8  used   $40.00                0020
Blue lapis helps you see clearly your energy system. Spiritually, it helps you seek  truth.


Sterling Silver Bangles  made in 1950's  Ornate   used   $!0.00 ea. or $30.00 for all  0021

Tumbled Garnet Gemstone  Stretch Bracelet   $10.00                        0 022
Garnet assists in grounding energies that helps you focus. Helps give you inner strength to reach your goal.Garnet helps you slow down and prioritize your actividies.  Beautiful deep red. You can feel it's calming energy when you wear it.

Sterling Silver and Amber Gemstone bracelet.. new   $35.00      0023
Amber helps maintain lightness of spirit and encourages laughter. Helps you accept yourself.
Beautiful amber bracelet.

Goddess Bracelets  #1 Fresh water pearls with jet, hematite and garnet spacers and silver goddess  spiral silver charm.    $10.00                                                           0024
#2 an  #3  Amethyst with crystal and star hematite beads with silver charm.  $ 10.00 ea    0025
#4  White fresh water pearls with crystal and amethyst beads. Starfish charm.   $10.00            0026

Please feel free to make an offer if price is out of range for you. 
Contact me at 727-738-0223 or
Thank you and may your life be richly blessed.   Caroline Dawley

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