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Thursday, August 27, 2009



Incuding Reiki and White Light Healing
With Christ Light
Since the earliest times, the laying on of hands (vibrational healing) has been used to help restore individuals to a state of health and harmony - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
In its purest form, a healing by means of energy medicine, Reiki and energy work is simply the practitioner placing their hands on the recipient with the intention of restoring health and harmony to all areas of their lives.
This profound yet gentle form of healing can assist anyone who comes for help. In addition to accelerating healing on physical levels, a healing by means of energy medicine or energy work can be used to strengthen our positive qualities and characteristics, and for healing and overcoming the emotional, psychological, and spiritual patterns of our past.
Energy Medicine works to align your body, mind, heart and spirit and bring them into harmony with your highest good.
Instead of working with medications and drugs, energy medicine practitioners treat people by using pure energy. Rev. Caroline utilizes specialized forms of energy to positively affect the energetic systems that may be out of balance. This energy acts as a type of wave-guide to redirect or realign the subtle energies that may be affected.
During an energy medicine healing session, Rev.Caroline employs a number of different energy work and vibrational healing such as Reiki, Psychic Surgery, Aura/Chakra Clearing, Sound healing, past life regression and White Light Healing.. to assist you in the healing process. Fmi or to schedule an appt. contact Rev. Caroline at:

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