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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


CORN PLANTING MOON  May 21 to June 20th
This is the last moon of the East Gate Direction on the Medicine Wheel.  People born under the  Planting Moon have Moss Agate as their Mineral Totem, Yarrow is their Plant totem and Deer is their animal totem.   Their colors are White and Green.  They are of the Butterfly Clan who elemental power is AIR.
 The Clan Mother of this Moon is Listening Woman; Mother of the Stillness and inner knowing.  The keeper of  discernment and introspection.  The interpreter of Messages from the spirit world.  The counselor and advisor.   She teaches us now to enter the Stillness and hear our heart’s still small voice.
She teaches how to listen to the inner knowing we carry in our spiritual essences.  And how to understand body language and unspoken thoughts.   How to listen to the voices and opinions of others and the voice of the Ancestors.  
When  you experience this Moon Cycle of Truth, you will learn abilities to be more sensitive, fast moving and appreciate the beauty found in all life forms.  You will learn an expanded world view; embracing with respect all life and all perspectives.  Deer people have such high energy that it can raise the energy of people around them; they make good friends and will encourage you and help you through any life difficulties by opening up to them and to life.  Deer people genuinely like people and will try to make their friends feel better. Like their stone the Moss Agate and their Plant, Yarrow, they are healers and have a gift of helping people see everything more clearly.
Being of the Butterfly clan,  Deer People tend to flit from one thing to another, yet because  they are born during the season of planting, ideas are grounded.
on are clever, resourceful and creative. They are most compatible with Raven and Otter people of their Clan and  with Red Hawk and Sturgeon of the Thunderbird Clan. Their complement is Elk people.

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