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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Celestial Cross: Winter Solstice, Spring EQuinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn EQuinox


In the 365 days of our routine Gregorian 12 month calendar year, there are only a few days that have true planetary (astronomical) significance; days when the earth, moon and sun are in unique positions relative to each other. 
These special days form the Celestial Cross. 
These are days of REAL power because it doesn't matter if you believe them - or even know about them - their influence is real.  The flowers know; the tides flow. This is NATURAL REAL TIME.  
The four main days of Natural Power are Spring Equinox (March 20) Fall Equinox (Sept 20) Summer Solstice (Jun 20) and Winter stark Solstice (Dec 20). Weather changes. Season change. People change.
Weaving in and out of those fixed points on the cross are the 13 full and 13 new moons.
All life on this planet is organized around these natural relationships of energy, gravity, light, shadow, temperature. That would include the cells of your body, the moods of your emotions, the thoughts of your mind.
It is no wonder that all cultures in all times observed the Celestial Cross. It is the True Religion of all life on this planet. People who observe, align and integrate their activities around these events find a restoration of peace, power and instinct. The pull of the artificial time, the human world of clocks, schedules, weeks and months, becomes less influential and more simply functional.   Friday evening and Monday morning - the two opposite poles of business time - are make believe and do not exist in nature. A civilization whose measurement of time is not in synch with Nature is doomed to stress, anxiety and certain destruction.
Observing the Celestial Clock begins to free us into the Being of Now.  MORE  

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