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Monday, February 11, 2013


"honor the truth"
your animal, plant and mineral totems
Those born during the second moon of the year, have the Otter as their totem in the animal

Kingdom, Quaking Aspen Tree as their plant totem, and Silver as their mineral totem..Their

Color is silver, and they are of the Butterfly elemental clan. 

People of this totem are like their mineral, silver, in that they tend to be precious to all who

Know them.  Silver has long been considered one of the earth’s most precious minerals. 

                The color silver, the color of Otter people, ¸is considered to have many magical qualities. 

Silver is considered to enhance the powers of the moon, the powers of perception, intuition and properly flowing emotional energy. Otter people may possess these magical qualities.

                The plant totem is the Quaking Aspen Tree, also known as the white poplar and American Aspen. According to native American herbalists the leaves, bark and buds of the tree traditionally have medicinal properties as a tonic and diuretic.  The tea has often been used as a bitter tonic to aid in liver and digestive disturbances.  It is also used as a relaxant  and for hay fever.   Their plant totem can

Help Otter people learn to deliver the messages that come through them in a gentle and harmonious way as the leaves of this tree does when it’s leaves sing.  Also, used externally, may be used as a tonic

For serious skin conditions such as exyzema, ulcers and burns. 

                Being of the Butterfly Clan, Air,  enhances most of the qualities of Otter folks.  Like Otter these individuals make warm, gentle and caring parents.  As children, Otter people sometimes seem to be in a faraway place, maybe because their intuitive power allows them to remember the places they have been before birth.  Once Otter people get into the flow of life, any childhood problems will disappear.

While Otter people get along well with most everyone, their complement are people of the Salmon or sturgeon totem( Leo).  Easiest companionship will come from Deer (Gemini) and Raven people(libra), their fellow Butterfly clan members and those of the Thunderbird clan: Red Hawk (Aries ), Elk (Nov.-Dec. moon) and Sturgeon (Leo).

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