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Sunday, October 7, 2012


The Shift - STAR Transmission by Whitefawn Star
Yesterday I sat on the Beach and looked out over the vast Water called the Gulf...and I was aware of the ships along the horizon...just hovering....  I had collapsed time so that I could receive...
the message was clear..many ships are gathering now, the Mothership is here.....they are just on the edge of our consciousness and that is why not everyone is aware of them.  But that is slowly changing.
The communication was uplifting.  I asked about the shift, and about the denseness of the energy in this 3D.  They communicated that we must remember how to die the Shaman's death...and I was able to recall another time when Time Collapsed and I found myself on the edge of a Forest.  Everything that I knew, my world view collapsed, the world that I had known was gone from my consciousness....and I was focused on the journey...praying for guides to lead me on the Path to the other side. 
I had no feeling of loss, or of leaving behind the old, only  about what lie ahead.  But, there was no need for soon as I called for the Light and my guide, I journeyed straightway on the Path that lead to the other side.  And on the otherside I saw a Great Circle of People gathered around a Bright Light, and the BRIGHT LIGHT was so bright that I could not make out who these people were, but I felt a Tremendous Love for these people. In time I came to meet many of the people I had seen when I Dream Traveled, and now I find myself standing in the Circle with them.
As my guide was refreshing my memory of my own Shaman's Death it was impressed on me that the Shift is just like that....when time is collapsed..we find ourself in the Void or at Zero Point. It is by staying focused on where we are going that our Guide leads us to the other side or dimension.  The Shaman collapses time in order to travel between worlds.  Sometimes in order to find a cure for a disease then we travel to the Plant Kingdom, other times we visit the Crystal People, but now, we are traveling to meet the Star People on the Shores of our Consciousness.  It is like seeing the People in the Circle...there is a great feeling of Spirit and the energy is so high there is a great peace..  I am re-membering that this 3D Earth is a parallel world that was brought  into manifestation by the story that began in the garden and we were told to believe we are separated from God.  And I am remembering that the truth is WE CAN NEVER BE SEPARATED FROM GOD....but by separation, what happened is that we became separated from our own twin heart flame.....and spirit and matter were separated according to our belief.  And the Earth created from this SPIN...was based on Material Greed and power for the few.  So NOW, we are beginning to rem-ember the TRUTH, and we are to ask for the stories to be told....and that the indigenous peoples hold the Original Seed truths in their stories and we are to sit together and Listen ....
I am impressed that as each TRIBE OF THE 12 TRIBES tells the story as it IS in the Beginning, then we will manifest the New Earth according to the Story being told, but this time the Story will contain all the stories of the Tribes who hold the Knowledge.  And when the 12 Tribes have spoken their TRUTH, then we will rem-ember and ignite the Fire of our Hearts and become THE ONE FAMILY AGAIN, and there will be anew Heaven and a New Earth.
I asked about those who are able to go to the other side, if they can come back.  And I knew that once we learn how to collapse time and travel through zero point, we are able to come and go as long as the two worlds overlap that is possible.  And so some of us are already traveling to meet the others that COME TO GREET US. AND THEY ARE GIVING US GREAT HOPE.  THEY ARE ASSURING US THAT THEY ARE HERE TO HELP THE EARTH AND THE HUMAN BEINGS WHO ARE WORKING TO CREATE FROM THE ORIGINAL CODE.  AND SO THERE IS GREAT HOPE AND PEACE IN THIS KNOWLEDGE. 
 Do not be afraid of letting go and stopping the world...there is no such thing as death, but only transition from one form to another.  When we travel, we change consciousness as we ride the currents into different octaves.  The octaves are separated by only a degree or half a degree, so if you can imagine that all Worlds are here, and that there is no death....we search for the inner passage way that leads to New Pathways to Freedom and Love.  My sincere hope is that we will be uplifted by this message, that we have much to look forward to.  We are coming to the end of the age of darkness and into the New Beginning of the Dawn of the Great Peace Sun.  Let us not walk in fear, but look forward and focus our thoughts on the Good, the Beautiful and the Truth even as it IS. .    May Peace and Love Prevail on Earth, Whitefawn Star
ONENESS PRAYER FROM Tiara, Children of the Sun
"Divine Light of Holy Love... Compassion beyond understanding, I yield myself to You in total Trust. Move through me with the transforming flames of Divine Love. It is my choice to serve only Love in each moment with each conscious action. On behalf of Humanity, I invite this Love to reign in my heart and in the heart of every man, woman and child on Earth. Flame of Compassionate Peace, I dissolve in your Perfect Balance and yield to you my emotions as they arise. I invoke your constant Presence in the Eternal Heart of every person from this point forward."
May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths
work together to create peace among all people on earth.

New Earth Rising
Rev. Caroline Dawley,  Publisher, New Earth Rising - Global Messenger

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