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Thursday, December 29, 2011


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JANUARY 9, 2012

7:00-8:00 PM AT THE WITCHES BREW - Fla. Ave, Palm Harbor, Fl.

1st Moon Cycle of Truth – “Learn the Truth”

When we come into the Circle and Drum we set aside
Our differences and become ONE with all our Relations as we regain our relationship
With Mother Earth..and each other.
BRING YOUR Drums, rattles, didgeridoo's, flutes etc.
Everyone is welcome as we honor Grandmother Moon
and the First Moon Cycle of Truth
suggested love donation. Whitefawn Star 727-738-0223

When we create Sacred Space within the Circle we invoke the energies of All Our Relations both in the seen and unseen worlds. As we Drum the Heartbeat of Mother Earth we raise the frequency within ourselves creating a Resonant Field and Harmonic Sound. This Sound creates a Portal that opens invoking the New Energies of Peace, Harmony, Love, Compassion and Unity. Entering into Oneness we know the Truth and see from a Whole Consciousness....from a Whole Perspective.

We have many helpers in the unseen world that join with us in creating an Energetic Wave of Light that Spirals Above and Below...transforming ALL. Tonight you are invited to join w/ us as we Create Harmonic Accord ...and ride the Currents like Eagles.... to view a higher perspective. When we Learn the Truth, we see beyond the Veil and the Illusion....Our under-standing is that we are multidimensional Beings of Light, Love and Peace....
we have returned at this time to usher in the New Earth...the 5th Dimensional Frequency of Love on our Beautiful Mother Earth....

When we Honor All our Relatives and the 4 Directions...We create Unity, Harmony and Peace on the we transform our limited point of view to a New World View of Oneness of Creation we regain our place on the Great Cycle of Life.

Walking in Peace,
Whitefawn Star

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