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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whitefawnstar's Organics

Whitefawnstar's Natural Medicine

By Whitefawnstar Organics.

I am so excited to offer my new BEAUTY WAY Products that are all natural, and
organic. Each new product is Blessed by the New Moon Energies and Reiki for
Health and Well Being of Body Mind and Soul. These products are created from
the ancient Native American Wisdom of the Plants and herbs and blended with
the purest and finest oils for aromatherapy. Each one draws on the ancient
wisdom to heal mind, body and spirit. Each Plant retains the original Spirit of
the Plant and is of the highest vibration for healing and beautifying the skin.
Each product is made in a Sacred Way.

*GREEN TEA ACNE STIX - you will be amazed as your skin drinks in the Green Tea and lavender to relax you as
you sleep while cleansing and healing so that you awaken refreshed and confident. This product has a wonderfully
refreshing aroma that is soothing. Also the oils of grapeseed, rosemary and tea tree blended with vit. E for smoothing
and healing, even the worst blemishes will be gone! Also great for insect bites. Easy to use tube means you don’t have
to touch you face with your fingers.. You will find the Green Tea Acne Stix uplifting your mind and spirit, so that you
are confident and relaxed knowing your skin is beautiful and refreshed.
*CLARY SAGE ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM - treating you… the whole person in spirit, mind and body. Also with
lavender, CoQ10, and Cocoa Oils this is a real Beauty Way Cream. Detoxes and gently smooths your skin as it restores
and feeds skin tissue to original ageless beauty. Breathe in the distinct aroma of Clary Sage and relax knowing your skin
is beautiful and glowing with health.

*Breathe Easy Salve…wonderful! Relieves chest congestion and coughs and warms as you
inhale the aroma of eucalyptus, camphor and wintergreen..Vics w/o the petroleum! But better because it is plant based
and the spirit of the plant works to assist in healing and restoring to perfect balance and health.

*All Purpose Salve is known to heal burns, rashes, insect bites by calling on the Natural
Healing properties of the Spirit of the Plant called Plantain. This is blended with St. Johns Wort,
Lavender, Echinacea, Vit. E and beeswax and is a powerful healing salve.

For more info.:
or call 727-738-0223 Rev. Caroline Dawley


  1. It is beautiful and most encouraging to see the Light building up upon Earth. It is increasing all of the time and brings together those souls of a like desire, that wish to create a new Earth where there are no dark energies, and instead a heavenly like existence of beauty and harmony. By holding their vision they help it manifest and it will more than fulfill everyone’s dreams. You can have a foot in both worlds, but sooner or later you will make a permanent transition to the new one.' Dog Waste Bag..

  2. the matrix will enter the sign of the Universal Mother and open the portal to the womb of creation. Just for the sake of experiment, for the next month, try to imagine what the world would be like if every single one of our highest visions became a reality. As you contemplate that possibility, we invite you to tap into our Midsummer Solstice edition anytime you need a dose of inspiration, a good reality check,